Techinline Remote Desktop

Techinline Remote Desktop 4.2.2

Provide friends or customers with tech support via web


  • Very easy to use
  • No strange configuration required
  • Works in the browser
  • Supports drag and drop


  • Both sides need to install or run the appropriate version of the program (expert and customer)

Very good

The moment your friends discover you're a computer geek, you're doomed: they'll require your help for all sorts of computer-related issues.

Techinline Remote Desktop can lend you a hand in these situations. With this easy tool you can remotely access computers via your web browser, and solve any simple issue just as if you were sitting in front of it.

The best thing about Techinline Remote Desktop is that it's extremely easy to set up and run. It works as a browser add-on (available for Firefox and Internet Explorer), so you only have to install it as any other regular add-on and visit the Techinline site every time you want to start a support session. What's more, you can run a standalone executable file that lets you avoid the plug-in installation and makes Techinline Remote Desktop immediately available for you.Bear in mind though that your friend or customer will also have to install or run the Client version of the program.

Techinline Remote Desktop is one of the most simple and efficient remote control apps I've tried. It enables you to chat in real time with the person you're trying to help, as well as share desktops between both of you, with or without mouse and keyboard. This means you can either let the other person look at your screen while you're showing him/her how to do a certain task, or you can grab control of the remote computer and do it yourself.

But that's not all. One of the best features in Techinline Remote Desktop is the ability to share files between computers in a really easy way. Don't look for any "share file" button or menu; simply drag and drop those files between the computers and they'll be automatically transferred. Traditional copying and pasting does the trick too!

With Techinline Remote Desktop you can remotely assist your friends or customers every time they have a problem with their PC.

Techinline Remote Desktop


Techinline Remote Desktop 4.2.2

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    good all-around product at competitive price.
    Seems to have all the key features, good price and ease of useMore